Studied Mathematics, graduated in Cryptanalysis, working as a Data Scientist. Interested in algorithms, probability theory, and machine learning. Python user.

Learn about the difference between the frequentist and the Bayesian approach of reasoning

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A short Story

The three friends Frequentist Frank, Stubborn Stu, and Bayesian Betty go to a funfair where a mysterious-looking tent catches their eyes. Inside, they meet Claire Voyant who claims to be a… fortune teller. The friends don’t believe her, of course — they need proof. So they conduct a little experiment:

Hands-on Tutorials

Estimate the saturation, carryover, and other parameters all at once, including their uncertainty

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In this article, I want to combine two concepts that I discussed in earlier posts: Bayesian modeling and marketing mix modeling. Since the chances are high that you are not familiar with both of these topics, let me give you a quick introduction and further readings. I will

  1. motivate what…

Learn how to build feedforward neural networks that are interpretable by design using PyTorch

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There are several approaches to rate machine learning models, two of them being accuracy and interpretability. A model with high accuracy is what we usually call a good model, it learned the relationship between the inputs X and outputs y well.

If a model has high interpretability or explainability, we…

Make my mediocre marketing mix model much more mighty

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In my last article, I introduced you to the world of marketing mix modeling. If you have not read it so far, please do before you proceed.

There, we have a created a linear regression model that is able to predict sales based on raw advertising spends in several advertising…

Dr. Robert Kübler

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